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“Friendship and Unity before victory”

ซีเกมส์ลาว เวียงจันทร์เกมส์

With the successful completion of the  25th Sea Games in Vientiane FBT being the Official Partner for the 25th Sea Games during December 9-18 in LAOS PDR. FBT sponsored sports wear for all members of the Organizing Committee and the LAOS athletes. The company also supported Internationally approved equipments for use during the games including Football, Petanque, Thai Boxing, Boxing and Badminton. FBT also supported various Media, Public Relation and Advertisement, such as Flyers and Banners, the total sponsorships amount exceeding 30 million baht. Moreover, FBT has designed the special collection for the people of LAOS to be able to buy and support its first ever SEA GAMES host. 

This created unity within the country as well as throughout the Region. In keeping with the Slogan “Friendship and Unity before victory”.

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