FBT Export OEM Production

FBT Factory OEM (Own Emblem Manufacture) Production

Sports Apparel Factory
FBT Sports Apparel factory manufacture over 15,000 pcs. of sports apparel every day such as Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Soccer Uniform, Tracksuits, etc. We are also manufacturing sports apparels with OEM brand worldwide. For more information on the custom make OEM Sports apparel for your own brand, please contact our FBT International Department accordingly.

Ball Factory
FBT Ball factory manufacture high quality Laminated and Rubber Sports balls with capacity of over 12,000 balls per day. We can manufacture all kinds of sports balls such as Soccerball, Basketball, Volleyball, American Football, Rugby Balls, Playground balls etc. in your OEM brand with top quality product as per your requested specifications. We are manufacturing high quality sports balls with International approved standards. Our quality sports balls meet International standards form FIFA, FIBA, FIVB, IHF. We export balls in quality International brand names world wide. If you are interested in finding supplier of your OEM brand sports balls, please contact our FBT International Department accordingly

Racket Factory
FBT racket factory manufacture over 4,000 pcs. Rackets every day. We can manufacture quality Badminton and Tennis Rackets with your OEM brand products to your requested product design and specifications.

Boxing Equipment Factory
FBT Boxing Equipment factory can manufacture over 3,000 pcs. Boxing Equipment per day. We manufacture quality boxing equipment under customer OEM brand such as Boxing Gloves, Headguard, Punching Mitt, Punching Bags, Training Equipment, Judo & Takwando Uniforms, Boxing Shoes etc. We can also manufacture high quality Boxing Ring for International Standard as our FBT boxing ring have been used in International Competition such as Asia Games and SEA Games etc.

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