Factory Info.

   FBT is considered the Sporting Giant of Thailand because of its wide range of sports equipment and wear manufacturing facilities, and also its dominant marketing and sales activities throughout of Thailand.

   Another reason is FBT's care and responsibility as a corporate Citizen committed towards the development of sports in Thailand with its Philanthropic contribution as a donor or sponsor since the inception of the company in 1952

   As a manufacturer, a wholesaler and a retailer,FBT can control the quality of its products to the end customers and, at the same time, have the flexibility to suit all types of markets. This allows FBT the advantage of producing high quality products at affordable prices.

The Manufacturer
   FBT has two manufacturing facilities. Factory I is located at Latkrabang and Factory II at Nongjok. It employs over 2,000 workers and produces a wide range of sports goods that can be categorized intoclothing, balls (all types of sports balls), rackets, shoes, boxing equipment, petanque   and   light & heavy equipment.      The latest addition is a net manufacturing section. The manufacturing facilities are complemnted by separate woodwork, metalwork and screen-printing sections.
The Wholesaler
   FBT wholesaler its own manufactured products as well as those it imports to over 1,000 retailers nationwide.   FBT also distributes to over 200 stores outlets like Central, The Mall and hypermarts like Big-C, Makro, Carrefour and Tesco-Lotus.
   FBT markets under several brand names, namely FBT, Five Star Super Star, Gold Star, Turbo,  Hi-Max  and  La Franc Boule.   Apart from maketing its own brands,     FBT is also sole agents in the territory of Thailand for several other international brands.

The Retailer
   FBT has long since had its own retall outlets from which the company recives special orders and can provice to the public. In 1995, FBT Sport Complex was envisioned. A sport department store like no other in the Kingdom of Thailand. It was to contain sports products for every sport from every manufacturer and brand, a store in its own class.
The Corporate Citizen
   FBT's commitment to the development of sports in Thailand can be seen in its contribution as a Supplier/Sponsor since the inception of the company in 1952.
   FBT has sponsored countless local and provincial events, the national Games, the Youth National Games, Hilltribe Games, University Games and numerous sports organizations, including the Olympic Committee of Thailand, Department of Physical Education, Schools, and University institutions, and major sporting events like the Olympic Games, Asian Games and SEA Games.

icon Clothing Department
Factory I produces sports clothing of all types from casual sports wear to competition suits made from technologically advanced materials. Factory I employs about 700 workers and produces over 10,000 pieces of sports wear per day.

Boxing Equipment Department
   This Department produdes various gloves for competition and training, head guards, chest productors, punching bags and other training accessories. From time to time, FBT produce equipment that are also used by other martial art like taekwondo and karable.

Rackets Department
   FBT produces tennis, badminton and squash rackets made from steel, aluminum and graphite. Every step of the rackets production is made at Factory II from the frame making, grip covers and stringing.
Shoes Department
   The Shoes Department produces 2,000 pairs of shoes per day, and a large portion is also exported. The Shoes Department is not limited to producing just FBT soccer, athletic and boxing shoes. It also produces casuals and trendy designs for export.
Petanque Boule Department
  FBT uses the most advanced technologies in metallurgy, titanium coating and surface finishing for the production of its petanque bouies. It uses various types of Quality steel and an innovative manufacturing techniques such as friction welding.
Ball Department
   This is FBT's largest department. It produces over 12,000 balls per day, with 70% of the production being exported worldwide. The ball manufacturing facilities of FBT is comprehensive from the manufacture of the rubber used to the production of the decals needed for decoration.
   From rubber to synthetic leather PU or PVC, FBT produces various balls - footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, handballs, rugby, American footballs, playgroung balls,medicine balls and many others, in varying sizes according to international specifications. FBT balls are recognized and approved by international sports federations such as FIFA (football),FIBA (basketball), FIVB (Volleyball) and IHF (handball), to name a few.
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